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Meinholz Overhead Door is a full service garage door company serving Dane County and Madison, Wisconsin. We are happy to provide you with free estimates over the phone or in person, and we make every effort to respond to all service calls within a 24 hour period. Our service area includes Madison and the surrounding areas. An extra fuel/trip charge may be added if more than 15 miles from business address. We are also willing to travel outside of the normal service area for a minimal fee.

Garage Door Service

We offer Clopay's® full line of residential garage doors. We recommend performing routine maintenance to assure your garage door consistently performs as expected, while keeping your home and family safe and secure. For your convenience, we also supply and install LiftMaster® garage door openers. Our service technicians are committed to performing installation, repair and maintenance services quickly and efficiently.


Garage Door Repair

If you find that your garage door or opener fails to function properly, call for immediate assistance. In the event of an emergency, please call 608-279-4667. Some routine service calls include:

  • Replacement of broken torsion spring
  • Setting rollers back on track
  • Replacement of broken panel
  • Fix or reprogram keyless entry pad
  • Additional remotes, parts and accessories

Reasons why my garage door won’t open or close:

Broken Spring
There are a few different spring systems we need to cover in order for you to diagnose if this is the problem.

  • Torsion Springs - These are mounted above the garage door and below the garage door opener, usually right in the middle of the door. They are mounted on a 1’’ pipe that runs the width of the door. If one of these springs looks like it’s broken or has a gap in it, this is the problem. Be sure to call a professional to fix it.
  • Extension Springs - These are mounted above the horizontal track of the garage door. They extend as the door goes down, and contract as the door goes up. If one of these springs looks like its’ broken or has a gap in it, this is the problem. Be sure to call a professional to fix it.
  • Ez Set Torsion Springs (2 versions) - The first version is mounted in the same spot as the (standard) torsion springs, above the garage door and below the garage door opener. However, there is a significant difference between the two. With this system, the springs are actually inside of about a 2’’ aluminum shaft, whereas the standard torsion spring is mounted on the outside of a 1’’ shaft. This makes it very hard for you, the homeowner, to diagnose what’s wrong with the door. The best way to know if there is a problem is to unattach the garage door from the garage door opener trolley. You can do this by pulling on the rope hanging from the opener trolley. Then try to lift the door by hand. If you are unable to do this with ease, you have a broken spring inside the shaft. In most cases when repairing these types of systems, a garage door company will take this spring system down and install a standard torsion system. It might cost a few extra dollars, but it will be worth it in the long run. The spring is a much heavier spring, so should therefore last longer, and you will now be able to see an actual spring. Which means you will be able to easily diagnose any problem with the spring in the future. Be sure to call a professional to fix it.
    The second version of this system is still mounted in the same spot, but the spring is mounted on the outside of the shaft, life the standard torsion spring system. The difference is, these springs are mounted on the right and/or left side of the door and need a drill to do the tensioning. If one of these springs look like it’s broken or has a gap, this is the problem. Just like the other Ez Set System, most garage door companies will replace this system with a standard torsion system. Be sure to call a professional to fix it.

Rusted or Frayed Cables
This is a little easier to diagnose. If your door is slanted, where one side is up off the ground and one isn’t, you probably have a broken cable. Go to each side of the garage door and look for a cable that should run from the bottom of the door to the top. If the cable is missing, or no longer has tension on it, you have a broken cable. Be sure to call a professional to fix it.

The safety sensors are out of alignment, something in the way, or wires are worn through.
If you are having trouble with the door going down, odds are you are having trouble with your safety sensors. Be sure to clean them off, clearing cobwebs, dirt, leaves etc. from the lense. Then make sure the sensors are pointing directly across the garage at one another. Sometimes these can get bumped by rakes, snow shovels etc. and this could be causing the problem. Be sure to line them up the best you can. Also make sure that the wires running to and from these sensors are not rusted or broken through.

The openers power source is disrupted
Be sure to check the outlet that the opener is plugged into. Also, a reset of the system might be needed. Try unplugging your garage door opener from the wall outlet for a good 30 seconds and then plug it back in. An opener is like a mini computer, and sometimes needs to be reset.

Gear kit inside the opener is worn out.
To know if this is the problem you will have to take the cover off of the garage door opener. You should notice a plastic gear kit inside. If there are a bunch of plastic shavings, or the gear kit looks worn down, it either needs to be replaced, or a new garage door opener may be needed.

The opener might be in lock mode.
The wall button that operates the garage door from inside the garage has a lock or vacation setting. When this is turned on, it keeps the remotes from operating the door. Just turn the lock/vacation setting off and the remotes should work again.

The force settings might need an adjustment.
Be sure to call a professional to help you with this. For safety reasons it’s important to have someone that knows what they are doing address this issue.

Contact us today. Let the experts assist you with your garage door and opener problems!

Our Service Area Includes:

Dane County • Madison • Verona • McFarland • Fitchburg • Mt. Horeb • Cross Plains
Waunakee • Deforest • Sun Prairie • Cottage Grove • Deerfield • Oregon